How ILUSTRA Can Benefit Your Organization | ILUSTRA


Leveraging the ILUSTRA Opportunity  

Understanding the link between oral health and overall health 

Impact your high cost population

Up to 86% of healthcare costs are related to conditions associated with inflammation1

Inflammatory-mediated diseases are underdiagnosed and undermanaged2,3,4,5

Uncover and risk stratify high risk populations to impact the onset and severity of chronic diseases

IL-1 driven inflammation identifies people at risk for severe periodontal disease due to overproduction of inflammation

Save on healthcare costs by optimizing your existing dental benefit

  • Up to 8% annual savings on Corporate Medical Plans through effective management of inflammation with targeted dental care.
  • In patients who had their periodontal disease treated:
    • 39% reduction in medical costs and hospitalizations in the following years
    • 73% reduction in medical costs and hospitalization associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes


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