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ILUSTRA Will Energize Your Practice 


Practice Building

  • Utilize genetic information to target patients that will benefit from additional care
  • Elevate your patients' overall health
  • Enhance your reputation as a leader in the community
  • Reinforce patient compliance through an advanced communication platform that engages patients to improve home care and maintain office visits


Watch the following webinar to learn more!

This video covers the components of the ILUSTRA Inflammation Management Program, unique genetics insights that ILUSTRA provides to dental professionals and patients, testing and result details, and communication methodologies.

Healthier, more engaged patients

  • The ILUSTRA Engagement Platform provides your patients with ongoing awareness of inflammation risk factors
  • Increased interactions with dental offices and appointment reminders to increase preventive care and treatment

An ever growing number of employers offer ILUSTRA

  • Please call 1-855-503-9160 if you have any specific questions about participating in the ILUSTRA Inflammation Management Program.

Webinar Engagement