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INFLAMMATION: Is It in Your Patients’ DNA?  


Dental care is an effective access point to manage Chronic Inflammation

  • Inflammation triggers severe and costly diseases including periodontitis, diabetes, and heart disease, and can lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes1,2
  • Managing periodontitis reduces systemic inflammatory burden and has demonstrated benefit on systemic health
  • Genetics identify high risk patients who will benefit from increased dental care
    • Genetic factors, smoking and diabetes are well validated risk factors2
  • You play a vital role managing inflammation and contributing to your patient’s overall health

1 in 3 people is at risk

Low patient engagement is a pervasive issue

  • Even among patients with dental coverage, only 45% comply with dentist guidance to have two annual cleanings and exams3
  • Hygienist efforts to motivate enhanced home care has mixed results, despite importance to overall well-being

Introducing the ILUSTRA Inflammation Management Program to target high risk patients and drive engagement!

  • Employers are offering a new benefit for their employees that includes coverage for additional preventive care and treatment for patients at risk with no additional out-of-pocket cost


ILUSTRA Genetic Risk Test

  • Identifies people at risk for severe periodontal disease due to overproduction of IL-1 driven inflammation
  • Validated in study examining 80,000 patient-years of data2
  • Learn more about inflammation


Personalized Care Plans

  • Testing is conducted at employer-sponsored health events
  • Lab sends test results to your office
  • Dental professional communicates results to patient and evaluates potential care plan change based on risk factors


ILUSTRA Engagement Platform

  • Employer provided program includes an 18-month subscription
  • Helps your patients stay in control and live healthier with customized health tips and convenient dental reminders

Learn about inflammation


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