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Getting the ILUSTRA Genetic Risk Test Is Easy 


Take the ILUSTRA Test at a company sponsored health event or at home, depending on your employer's health program

  • Contact the ILUSTRA team at 1-855-503-9160 to get your test kit.
  • As soon as we confirm that your company provides this important health benefit, and the appropriate healthcare provider has requisitioned the test, the ILUSTRA test will be provided to you either at a company sponsored health event or we will send the ILUSTRA test kit to your home. It will be provided with simple instructions for sample collection.
  • Approximately 2 weeks after we receive your sample in the lab, we will forward your results to the dentist that you identified. Your dentist will contact you to discuss your results.
  • Contact your Human Resources Department or the ILUSTRA Team at 1-855-503-9160 to learn about an upcoming health event.

ILUSTRA Genetic Risk Test Kit

A word about privacy

  • Your results are completely confidential and will only be shared with your personal dentist and health insurance company in order to provide additional benefit coverage. Your employer will never have access to your ILUSTRA test result.