ILUSTRA Is an Easy One-Time Genetic Test


You’re Empowered to Take Control of Your Health 


Why is ILUSTRA being offered to me?

  • The ILUSTRA Genetic Risk Test is part of a new way of looking at healthcare: identifying your risk of health problems before they ever happen, so you can take steps to avoid them
  • Inflammation is a serious problem which can lead to chronic diseases
  • Enhanced dental care is a simple and effective way to stay ahead of inflammation and improve chronic diseases
  • Your employer is providing ILUSTRA and extended dental benefits if appropriate at no cost to you

ILUSTRA Inflammation Management Program - 3 Features


A simple, yet technologically advanced genetic risk test

  • Learn more about inflammation
  • Tells you if you are at elevated risk for periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease and key source of inflammation that can impact your overall health
  • A quick, painless cheek swab is all it takes
  • Getting the ILUSTRA genetic risk test is easy


A personalized care plan created by your dentist and you

  • Your dentist will share your results with you
  • Based on your risk, your dentist will create a personalized care plan that can help you live a healthier life


An 18-month subscription to the ILUSTRA Engagement Platform

  • Stay in control and live healthier with customized health tips and convenient dental reminders

Get engaged to reduce your inflammation!

Learn about inflammation